October 24, 2008

Search faster and leave more time for fireworks

This Diwali, we hope you spend some quality time with your friends and family (preferably away from the computer). However, if you're an information junkie like me and just can't stay away from the Internet, here are some search tips that will get you the answers you seek as fast as possible. These tricks will help you spend less time searching and more time celebrating!

Cricket scores: As a cricket-crazy country, Google has simplified search for cricket scores and happenings. Just type "cricket" in a Google search box and you'll see a brief score of all the current cricket matches. A single click will also give you access to a detailed cricket score card. For diehard India fans, there is an even simpler way: type "cricket India" and get the scores of our latest win over Australia.
Movie reviews and show times: To make a good date a great date, check reviews of the movie and find out showtimes and locations with ease. Just type "movies Delhi" or "Roadside Romeo Mumbai" and you have and showtimes at your fingertips.
Stock quotes: The markets have given me some indigestion lately, but I've been using Google to keep me up to date as the market moves. I just type "Reliance quote" (or any "company name" followed by "quote") to see how my stock is doing on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Currency conversion: As the market moves, so does the Rupee. While I was at our headquarters in Mountain View, California, I was curious to know how much a $4.95 meal was in Indian Rupees, and as usual, I used Google. Just type in "4.95 USD in INR" (or any other currency of your choice) and see the current conversion rate.

I hope you find these tips useful. Stay tuned for more tips on Google search by subscribing to this feed on Google Reader.

Happy Diwali!

October 20, 2008

The first Google Developer Day in India

On Saturday, Google India hosted our very first Google Developer Day in Bangalore. Developer Day is a platform for developers from all over to come together to share ideas and discuss Google APIs with some of our engineers.

From chats about how developers could use OpenSocial to build social apps across networks, to discussions of Google App Engine, which provides a fully-integrated development environment for anyone to build and scale apps on the internet, Developer Day was full of lively conversations and exciting possibilities for the hundreds of developers who gathered at the event from across the length and breadth of the country.

Prasad Ram, the head of our R&D center in Bangalore, kicked off Developer Day with the keynote. Titled Client, Cloud and Connectivity, the talk revolved around what Google is doing for developers, why we're doing it, and why developers should care. He emphasized why Google is interested in making the client more powerful, making the cloud more accessible, and making connectivity more pervasive and usable for developers. His key message - that the web is the preeminent platform of our time; it's OUR platform and together, we can move it forward - set the tone for the rest of the day.

Developers from all over India had the chance to mingle with one another, and talk with Googlers about how Google products can help to power their applications and online content. Lalitesh Katragadda, creator of Google Map Maker, gave an introduction to Maps API, which bridges the information asymmetry and addresses the needs of the community, local commerce and economic development. Anirudh Dewani, Developer Programs Engineer, talked about Google Web Toolkit, which helps developers to write applications more quickly and easily, while Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Product Manager and Anupama Dutta, Senior Software engineer, shared details on the Indic API – exploring details of transliteration and translation services that were recently launched.

It was great to see the developer community coming together to explore exciting possibilities for the future. An open web on which developers can build new and innovative apps is truly a beautiful thing.We made a short video to recap the day, which will be up shortly, alongside the keynote and the rest of the content on the Google India YouTube Channel. For all those who could not make it, stay tuned to see all the session content - presentations and videos - in the next few days here. But for now, you can check out some pictures from the event here.

October 15, 2008

Namaste, India!

नमस्ते নমষ্কার నమస్తే नमस्कार வணக்கம் નમસ્કાર ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ നമസ്കാരം ਸੱਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ

Google has a lot going on in India: We have offices in four cities. We're building some new, interesting products—like Google Map Maker and many others on India Labs — for Indian users. We have great aloo parathas in our cafes. And we have the largest number of Googlers outside the United States. But ... we didn't have an official blog where we could talk about the exciting things we're working on.

Fortunately, that last one is an easy problem to solve: Today, we're delighted to announce the start of our Official Google India Blog.

This is where we'll share news about Google products and initiatives, talk about our involvement in the Indian community, and give readers an insight into daily life at our offices. You'll hear from software engineers, product managers, sales heads and a whole host of other Indian Googlers.

There are a lot of things we're keen to share with you, so check back often for updates or add our feed in Google Reader. And please take a look at the links to the right of this page to see some of our local sites, including Google News, where we're hiring, and YouTube.