December 18, 2009

Google Internet Bus in God's Own Country

Over the last 10 months, the Google Internet Bus has traveled to 60 towns across 4 states, giving many people their first-ever experience of the Internet. The overwhelming response we receive from the people of each state continues to inspire and encourage our efforts to engage with local communities and build local advocacy for this powerful medium.

We are now in 'God's Own Country'. Over 20 days we'll focus on four themes – education, information, communication and entertainment.

The bus will use interactive content in two languages - English and Malayalam - to highlight how people can use the Internet in their daily lives. What's more, our Google Map maker team will also be joining us to help people map their own cities in Kerala.

Users across India can follow the bus through its journey, see
pictures & videos, and join online communities by simply visiting

Posted By: Nishant Nair & Srikanth Belwadi