April 24, 2009

IPL scores, commodity prices, local time and richer train info - more power in your hands with Google SMS Search !

Looking for live IPL scores, current time in New York, today’s gold price, availability of seats or fares for trains from Bangalore to Mumbai ?

We have recently enhanced our SMS Search offering to bring you all that and more. A simple SMS to 9-77-33-00000 gives you instant access to Google SMS Search and that too at the cost of a normal SMS.

SMS ‘cri’ to 9-77-33-00000 to get much more than just international match scores; send 'cri ipl' for instant IPL scores, 'cri ipl ' (for example 'cri ipl knight riders') for your favorite team score and 'cri ranji' for domestic match updates.

Apart from stock prices, we now provides commodity prices as well. Just SMS 'price gold', 'price oil', or 'price cotton' to know the MCX spot prices for these commodities. To learn more, sms 'help commodity' to 9-77-33-00000.

Trying to call a friend in New York and wondering what time it is for him ? For an instant update on local time in any city or country in the world, simply sms 'time ' to 9-77-33-00000. For example 'time new york'

Didn't you wish you could do more than just getting your PNR status and train schedule on SMS ? We now provide seat availability and fare information as well. For ex. to check seat availability for 24th April on train #1018, going from Bangalore to Mumbai, simply sms 'train avail 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai on 24-04' or if you want to know the fare for sleeper class, sms 'train fare 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai for SL'. To learn more, sms 'help train' to 9-77-33-00000.

To learn more about various interesting features, please visit http://www.google.co.in/sms or SMS 'help' to 9-77-33-00000.

Posted by Deepali Singla and Naga Naresh, Software Engineers, SMS Search Team

April 22, 2009

Share your passion for Indian food through the Indian Cooking Knol-edge Contest!

Are you tempted to preserve your family recipes when you spot "Just like mother used to make" next to a delicious curry on a roadside dhaba menu? Do you have a unique take on chai or biryani that you want to share with the rest of the world? Here's your chance! Google is launching the Indian Cooking Knol-edge Contest to find the best recipe in five Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) based on the recent launch of Indic Transliteration on Knol. Indic Transliteration helps you type in Indian languages using an English keyboard. For example, you type Hindi words with English alphabets and the Hindi word that you've written with English alphabets will be converted into Hindi characters after you hit Space or Enter. For example, typing "aloo" in English transliterates into Hindi as आलू . Similarly, "urulakizhangu" becomes உருளைகிழங்கு in Tamil and ഉരുളകിഴങ്ങ് in Malayalam while "bangaladumpa" becomes ಬಂಗಳದುಮ್ಪ in Telugu and "aalugadde" becomes ಆಲುಗಡ್ಡೆ in Kannada.

Master Chef
Sanjeev Kapoor, one of the most well-recognized faces of Indian cuisine, will be the judge of the contest. As the host of Khana Khazana, one of the longest running TV shows in the history of Indian television, he continues to share his love for cooking with millions. This contest is being run on Knol, which is a powerful new Google product that enables users to share their expert knowledge in a well-organized, easy manner and highlight their authorship of this content. Knol was born out of the recognition that we need a tool to unlock the incredible knowledge of millions of people that is not readily available on the web today. The launch of Indic Transliteration on Knol has further opened doors for more users to share high-quality content in Indian languages. By bringing both Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Knol together through this contest, we are offering users a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share their passion for Indian food and a chance at showcasing their culinary genius to the world. Prizes worth 150 USD for each winner and Google goodies for the next 40 shortlisted entrants won't hurt either!

For everything else you need to know about the contest from the steps for writing a Knol in Indian languages to the detailed rules and regulations, please visit the
Indian Cooking Knol-edge Contest now.

Jayadev Vadakkanmarveettil, Consumer Operations Strategist and Rahul Roy-chowdhury, Product Manager

April 16, 2009

Google Latitude on orkut- share your live location with friends

April 6, 2009

India's 15th general election: tools for citizen empowerment

At Google, we believe information is fundamentally empowering. While all of our technologies demonstrate a commitment to this guiding principle, information is especially important when a society comes together to participate in democratic elections. Beginning ten days from today, more than 700 million eligible voters in India will over the course of four weeks have the opportunity to participate in the largest democratic event in human history — India's 15th general election.

Today, along with a wide range of partners, we are happy to announce the launch of the Google India Elections Centre - available in English and in Hindi.

People from across India can use the centre to do the following:

  • Confirm their voter registration status
  • Discover their polling location
  • View their constituency on a map
  • Consume relevant election-related news, blogs, videos, and quotations
  • Evaluate the status of development in their constituency across a range of indicators
  • Learn about the background of their Member of Parliament and this year's candidates
With still more features to be added during the election, we hope the site will be an ongoing resource for analysis, governance, and democracy in India after the election.

This project would not have been possible without the shared vision of a broad coalition of partners: the Association for Democratic Reforms, HT Media Limited, Indicus Analytics, the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, the Liberty Institute, and PRS Legislative Services. These groups are the true champions of promoting a more transparent democracy, and we're privileged to be able to shine a light on their work on the occasion of India's 15th Lok Sabha polls.

We're hopeful not only that the elections centre will further a culture that seeks access to information, but that it will also yield positive changes in voting patterns during the upcoming polls.

Please visit the site, select your constituency, and get started! Spread the word about what you learn and, of course, don't forget to visit the polls.

April 3, 2009

Change to the Minimum Pre-payment Amount and Activation Fee in India