September 15, 2009

Google India Women in Engineering Award, 2010

Diversity at Google means having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers' perspectives, ideas and cultures - one that thinks and acts inclusively, and fundamentally values people's similarities and differences.

As part of our ongoing commitment to encourage excellence in computing and technology, we instituted the Google India Women in Engineering Award in 2008, with the objective of recognizing and rewarding deserving women students in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

With two successful editions behind us, we are pleased to announce the Google India Women in Engineering Award, 2010. This year we will be accepting applications from September 15, 2009 to October 31, 2009. The award is open to any woman student of Computer Science in an under-graduate, post-graduate or doctoral program that meets the application criteria.

Aspirants to the award will be assessed on their academic excellence, passion for Computer Science and demonstrated leadership.

Winners will be announced in 2010 and will take home a sum of INR 1,00,000 each. The winners will also be invited to join a conclave at the Google India engineering office, comprising a technical discussion with Google engineers, workshops, break out sessions, panel discussions and the award ceremony.

See highlights from previous years here.

Posted by Jayashri Ramamurti, Human Resources Manager, India

September 10, 2009

Orkut helps advertisers to engage with their customers

As the #1 social networking site* in India, orkut helps over 17 million people stay connected - whether it’s uploading photos, videos or simply leaving a message. orkut is home to hundreds and thousands of communities and applications. Users talk about food, sports, travel, gadgets, movies, art, automobiles, schools.. almost everything.

orkut now offers an opportunity for marketeers to use the power of this social medium to engage with their audience. All kinds of businesses, from large brands to a local small enterprise, can now drive awareness and engagement for their products and services on orkut using Google Adwords.

1. Orkut allows advertisers to reach the largest online audience* in India

Over 17 million active users. That’s more than 45% of the Indian online population

Over 6 billion pageviews in India each month

Average user visits the site 10 times each month, spending 12 minutes per visit

2. Orkut allows advertisers to focus on the users they care most about

With the highly-specific targeting options that orkut allows advertisers, they can now choose to show their ads to groups or individuals based on their age, gender, interests, geography and keywords

3. Orkut allows advertisers to get high visibility for their budget and goals

Ads appear on prominent positions on users' homepages, community pages and search results within orkut.

With only one ad position per page, the ad is guaranteed high visibility and increased user recall.

Advertisers can choose to pay on a ‘per click’ basis or on a ‘per impression basis depending on their campaign goals

4. Orkut allows advertisers to be creative

Advertisers can use an ad format that best suits their promotion.

Orkut supports text, static images, animated images and flash ads. We would continue to add more formats for advertisers to make the ads interesting and useful for orkut users

5. Orkut allows advertisers to tap into the power of AdWords

New AdWords InterfaceGoogle AdWords brings performance and measurement to marketing campaigns on orkut.

Advertisers get the best value for their marketing spends in an auction-based model. They can start, pause and modify campaigns at any time. They can also track performance with real-time reporting and gain insights about user's reactions.

Ad campaigns for orkut can be setup on Google AdWords by selecting social networks and online communities in the placement tool

6. Orkut allows advertisers to create custom solutions for brand building

For advertisers who require very high visibility and for those are sensitive to campaign time slots, orkut offers a 'custom branding' solution. With this option, advertisers can run targeted display ads in orkut communities and on users' homepages.

The custom solution allows advertisers to purchase and reserve ad impressions in advance. They can also block an entire day’s traffic for their ads to increase the impact of their brand campaign.

For personalized support to build the best brand campaign, advertisers can contact the Google sales team by mailing

* source: comScore, Media Metrix, July 2009

Posted by: Srikanth Belwadi, Kushagra Shrivastava & Savio Barretto