November 2, 2009

Google Search by voice now on Nokia S60 phones

We've received a lot of requests to develop our search by voice feature for these phones. We're happy to announce a new version of Google Mobile App for Nokia S60 that includes the search by voice feature for queries spoken in English.

Downloading the Google Mobile App places a shortcut to Google search on your Nokia phone's home screen. It's now fast and easy to search for anything on the Internet. Holding down the call button activates voice search so you can speak your query. Search by voice is not limited to simple queries. Try complex queries like -- "pictures of gateway of India", "what is the length of a cricket pitch", or even something very Indian like "makki ki roti and sarson ka saag recipe".

You can also type queries quickly thanks to Google Suggest, which provides search suggestions for common queries. You can search for anything — from "kebab corner" to "coffee shop".
Whether you're in Bangalore or Gurgaon, you can turn on the My Location feature to give you the most relevant results nearby.

Check out the video to see search by voice and other cool features in action.

If you've got a Nokia S60 phone and want to download the new version of Google Mobile App, visit from your phone's browser.

Posted by Karthik B, Software Engineer

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