January 28, 2010

Google Transliteration IME available in fourteen languages

As engineers on the Google Transliteration team, we are very excited to let you know about the launch of the Google Transliteration IME. An IME is an "Input Method Editor" and simply refers to software that lets you type in a language of your choice. Once you download the Google Transliteration IME(it's free and there's no signup required), you can type a word the way it sounds using Latin characters and it will convert the word to its native script. For example, typing "hamesha" transliterates into Hindi as : हमेशा

Google Transliteration IME offers several features focused on an improved user experience, including offline support, word completion, personalized choices, easy-to-use keyboard, quick search and several cool customization options. As a user types, a suggestion menu is displayed with alternatives and word completions. For example, as you type "googl" you will see five options from you can select the correct one.

It is currently available in 14 different languages -
Arabic, Bengali, Farsi (Persian), Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. This application enables users to create content or communicate in their preferred language online or offline and in any application of their choice. The Google Transliteration IME currently supports 32-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP. For more information on Google’s Transliteration IME please visit our help page.

Google Transliteration is also available in Blogger, Gmail, Knol, Orkut and as a bookmarklet. You can also enable it on your website using the transliteration API.

Posted by Naren Manappa and Prunthaban Kanthakumar, Software Engineers.

January 6, 2010

Get Your Site Checked Today

The Search Quality team at Google is very excited to bring you a clinic for your website right here on the Google India blog.

What does this mean?
Our team will analyze websites submitted to the clinic. The plan is to offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility for your website in Google's search results.

So how do I submit my entry?
To register your site for our site clinic, fill in all the information requested on the form here. ( Do note that by submitting your site you agree to the use of your website as an example in our future blog posts under this site clinic banner.) We also have a few important guidelines that you need to follow:

1) To participate, your site must be registered on our
webmaster tools . This is to ensure that the submitter is the owner of the site and we have the owner's permission to use the site for our clinic. If you don't have a webmaster tools account yet, it's pretty simple to obtain. You can get one here.

2) Your website should meet our quality guidelines. This is because we will be using the same guidelines as criteria to select the websites for our analysis. You can review our webmaster guidelines for any clarification.

The Site Clinic goes live today and submissions will be accepted till the 20th of Jan, 2010

Please Note: Not all sites will make it to our analysis list. From those that do, a few representative websites will be chosen as examples for our follow-up posts to share best practices.

Posted by Search Quality Team.