July 13, 2011

Chennai and Hyderabad local bus services board Google Transit

I am happy to announce the addition of local bus services in Chennai and Hyderabad to Google India Transit. This launch will help millions of commuters and visitors in these metro cities to explore public transportation options as they search for directions or locations, and encourage alternatives to driving. This information is available both on Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile enabling users to access the service even on the move.

How to make the best use of Google Transit

I was recently in Hyderabad for a meeting and had a couple of hours to spare. I always wanted to visit and know more about the famous Salar Jung Museum. I did a quick search on Google :

A click on the map link in the first result took me to the place page of the Museum on Google maps :

Place page has lot of information about the museum including the nearest public transit stop and an easy way to plan your trip
  1. Click the “Directions” link below the address line
  2. Enter your location or the place from where you need directions in the field “A”. For me it was “Hitech city Hyderabad” and click on the “Get Directions” button
  3. Press on the bus icon (next to the car icon) and get the detailed trip plan using available public transit options

Alternatively, one can also get the directions by searching “Hitech city Hyderabad to Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad” directly on Google Maps. So next time whenever you are in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad or Ahmedabad, use Google Transit to plan your trip and help reduce emission and congestion in our cities.