November 22, 2011

Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan bus services board Google Transit

Rapidly growing Indian cities have transformed into large urban spreads that include city outgrowths and nearby towns. At the heart of all this urban expansion is the transport infrastructure that allows people and goods to move across. City commute has increasingly become complex as people travel longer and use services of multiple agencies to reach their destination. For example, someone living in Kalyan and planning to go to Thane would use services of KDMT (home to kalyan station), CR (kalyan station to thane station) and TMT (thane station to destination). Few tools and information sources are today available to address this complexity of city commute.

We are happy to announce that with the launch of NMMT (Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport), KDMT (Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Transport) and TMT (Thane Municipal Transport), Google Transit will offer one click solution for planning city commute in Mumbai. These launches along with already launched data for BEST, CR and WR will help commuters and tourists find their way seamlessly around the Mumbai metropolitan region using both trains and buses. Below is one example that demonstrates the ability of Google Transit (available both on desktop and mobile) to combine the schedule data from multiple agencies to create a travel plan for a commuter.

Above are the possible itineraries for a commuter planning to go from Rambaugh, Kalyan to Manpada, Thane. The first suggested trip plan involves taking Bus No 16 (run by KDMT), Local Train (run by Central Railway) and Bus No 62 (Run by TMT).

So next time when you want to plan your trip whether from Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri to Godbunder Rd Thane or from Pali Hill, Bandra to Sector 8, Vashi, adopt an environment friendly way to commute by using bus or trains.

Posted by Kapil Goswami, Business Development, Google India

November 15, 2011

YouTube Space Lab team is coming to your school

How many of you think that your experiment has what it takes to be conducted 250 miles above the earth for the world to see! Well, space is more exciting and accessible for us here more than ever before. YouTube Space Lab with Lenovo, in cooperation with Space Adventures, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is a new galactic channel on YouTube that will lift off from your laptop, taking you to interesting and awesome videos from around the world... and beyond.

And to make it easier for you to be a part of this exciting project, YouTube Space Lab team will be visiting more than 10,000 Schools across India inviting entries from those who dare to dream big. Check out for more details on your School notice board or watch out for YouTube team as it visits your School.

YouTube Space Lab is an open competition inviting 14 - 18 year olds to come up with an idea for a science experiment that will be carried out by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), 250 miles into space and live streamed to classrooms and people around the world on YouTube. You don't have to actually do the experiment; you just have to record your self explaining it.

The last date for submitting entries is 7th December 2011. The YouTube community and a panel of distinguished scientists, astronauts and expert judges, including Professor Stephen Hawking, will pick the best ones. If you're crowned global winner, fantastic, the whole world will get to see your idea on YouTube.

We'll also throw in some out-of-this-world prizes for the winners: like ZERO-G flights, Lenovo IdeaPad laptops and your choice of either a trip to Tanegashima Island, Japan, to watch your experiment blast off in a rocket bound for the ISS, or—once you’re 18—a one-of-a-kind astronaut training experience in Star City, Russia, the training center for Russian cosmonauts. For more information on how to enter, including eligibility requirements and experiment guidelines, check out the competition page on the channel or the official rules.

Blast off now and be part of a global experiment where your teacher is an astronaut and your classroom, space!

November 10, 2011

Google+ Pages get going in India too!

Google+ Pages, have received a tremendous response worldwide within 48 hours of launch.

Whether its Pepsi, Toyota, Burberry, Save the Children or The Muppets. Brands are leveraging the power of the Google+ platform to engage with their fans in fun ways - it could be the animated images on the Burberry page, the hangout by The Muppets or the season’s latest Versace fashion collection from H&M!

Google+ Pages launched simultaneously In India too, and there is a rapidly growing set of brands who have already made a Google+ Page to connect with their fans.

Whether its top consumer brands from Unilever India - Axe Angels Club, Pepsodent, Close up, Friends of Sure; India’s leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki, e-retailers like FashionAndYou - all are quickly connecting with their fans on Google+ in unique ways.

And entertainment organizations are equally active TV Channels like IBNLive, Zoom TV or TechGuru, music labels like Sony Music India and India’s coolest music festival Sunburn. Infact you can even find the ‘dhoodana namunkin hai’ Don2 - Bollywood’s first movie on Google+.

Any organization can make a Google+ page at Stay tuned for much more fun stuff on Google+.

Translate more Indic languages with the updated Google Translate for iPhone app

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Back in June, we launched five new experimental Indic languages for Google Translate on the desktop and mobile web app. Today, we’ve updated the Google Translate for iPhone app to add these new alpha languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. This brings the total number of languages supported by the app to 63 languages.

The updated app supports the ability to view dictionary results for single words and to display romanizations for these new Indic languages. So even if you can't read the script the words are written in, you can still take a shot at reading the translation.

Since these are still experimental alpha languages, you can expect translations be less fluent and include many more untranslated words than some of our more mature languages—like Spanish or Chinese—which have much more parallel data to power our statistical machine translation approach. Despite these challenges, we believe users will find these new languages helpful and we're excited to be making them available through the Translate app.

Google Translate for iPhone now supports text translation among 63 languages, voice input in 17 of those languages, and text-to-speech in 24 of them. Get the latest version of the Google Translate for iPhone app from the App Store now and start breaking down language barriers wherever you are!

November 9, 2011

“Indian Musical Instruments” doodle will mark Google India homepage on Children’s Day

With more than 1.5 lakh entries and over a lakh online votes, the anticipation has been building in this year’s Doodle4Google competition. Today, the wait is finally over as India gets its third Doodle4Google winner—7-year-old Varsha Gupta of Greater Noida is the national winner with her imaginative doodle, entitled “Indian Musical Instruments”

Varsha Gupta, who attends Ryan International School, Greater Noida, submitted her design around this year’s theme, ‘India’s gift to the world’. Varsha Gupta’s doodle of the Google logo artfully depicts how India is a land of different cultures and music plays an important role in it. The doodle artfully represents many musical instruments that India has introduced to the to the world- Tabla, Sarod, Veena and Shehnai. The Doodle team and Jennifer Hom – the creative force behind the legendary Gandhi birth anniversary doodle, chose the winning doodle for India.

Varsha Gupta’s artistic merit, creativity, and expression of the theme has won her a technology starter package that includes a laptop, a year’s Internet connection and a Rs.2,00,000 technology grant for her school. Her doodle will also be featured on the Google India homepage on 14th November 2011 to mark the occasion of Children’s day in the country.

We are overwhelmed to see great participation from young children and schools year-on-year since 2009. The designs for this year’s theme “India’s Gift to the world” were incredibly creative across all grade groups. In addition to selecting Varsha Gupta as the national winner, more than 1 million public votes helped us determine the three group winners, each of which will receive a Technology Starter package.
  • Grades 1-3: Shibajyoti Choudhury (Group I) from Jamshedpur won the group prize for his doodle titled ‘Developing excellent India and World’
  • Grades 4-6: Abhinav R. (Group II) from Coimbatore won the prize for his doodle titled ‘India’s contribution to the world - Tradition’.
  • Grades 7-10: Nishi Bordia (Group III) from Indore won the prize for her doodle titled ‘India’s gift to the world - India itself’.
As part of today’s announcement at an event organized in the capital, all 45 regional finalists enjoyed on-ground activities and interacted with Rajan Anandan, MD & VP, Google India, Jennifer Hom, part of the Mountain View Doodle Squad.

Big thanks to all of you who voted and helped us select this year's winners. More importantly, we thank all the students who submitted entries this year and our partner schools & guest judges who helped us in the difficult task of selecting the winning doodles from among the amazing entries this year. Keep on doodling and we’ll see you next year!

Posted by Robin Joseph, Consumer Marketing

November 3, 2011

Over 1,500 Movies from Across India now at

India is not just the world’s largest producer of motion pictures, but most likely has the world’s largest population of cinephiles. That means it’s tough to satisfy the insatiable Indian demand for films — but we have accepted the challenge.

Over the last year, we’ve worked to bring together over 1,500 Indian films on YouTube, available free of charge. And with so many titles, we thought it was time to give the page a brand new look. (For those outside of India who want to access our Indian films, go to or alternatively,

This renovated Movies page not only brings together the site’s Bollywood and Indic films into one convenient place but breaks down films by genre, spotlights new and interesting films, and gives you a Top 10 list of recent favorites. If you’re looking for a comedy this weekend, just scroll down to the Comedy section and check out Golmaal or Andaz Apna Apna.

Beyond Bollywood, the page also offers top Telugu hits like Pokiri and Kick, as well as Tamil films Kanchivaram and Baashha. You can watch movies in the language of your choice by selecting their preferred language in the top-right hand of the page.

Going forward we want YouTube to be the most convenient place for your film needs — whether that be watching old classics like Gumrah, Anand and Abhimaan, checking out trailers for upcoming releases like Don 2, Rockstar, and Desi Boyz, or viewing behind-the-scene footage for the films you love such as Swades, Band Baaja Baaraat, or the Making of a blockbuster song.

November 2, 2011

Google offers free websites to Indian SMBs - Introduces ‘India Get Your Business Online’ program

Today Google India is announcing ‘India Get Your Business Online’, a first-of-its kind program to offer free websites, domain & hosting services to small medium businesses in India. Designed with local partners, the program provides Indian businesses the tools and resources to establish a website, find new customers, and grow their businesses.

The initiative aims to break down the barriers that stop small businesses from getting online - by offering a quick, easy and free tool to set up and host a website. Our goal is to help 500,000 small medium businesses in India to get online in next three years through this program, with our partner HostGator. Small business owners in India can logon to and use the tool to get a free, easy-to-build website and web hosting for one year powered by HostGator. Businesses will also get a customized domain .in name and free tools, training and resources to succeed online.

While India is home to an estimated 8 million small medium businesses, only about 5% have a website. This program is designed to bridge the information gap that exists online due to the lack of presence of local Indian businesses on the Internet. Businesses often believe that getting online is too complex, costly and time-consuming; this perception prevents many SMBs from taking the first step towards building an online presence. Google India and HostGator plan to change that through this initiative. In addition, HostGator will also offer free support in creating, hosting and managing the website for a period of one year without any cost through its toll free call centers 1800-266-3000.

So what do Indian businesses get:
  • Free: It’s free to set up your website. The domain is free for 1 year, and it’s free to maintain your website for 12 months.
  • Quick: The website tool takes 15 minutes from sitting down to being found online
  • Easy: You don’t need to be a tech whiz to get started. All you need to start is your address, phone number, TAN/CIN or PAN to verify you as a business
  • The website is simple because customers are looking for simple information online
  • Gives you your own .in domain
  • Other features include photos/logos, integration with social media platforms
  • You get a Google Apps account - free personalised email ids
  • If you want to make your website work harder, you’ll have access to steady stream of free tips and tools from the Getting Indian Business Online team and a free coupon of worth Rs. 2500 INR advertising trial from Google AdWords to help promote your site.
  • After the first year, SMBs can choose to pay a monthly pay-as-you-go to maintain their website using hostgator.
  • At the end of the first year, they’ll have to pay a nominal charge if they wish to renew their domain name. They can cancel their website at any time.
India get your business online program is also supported by Federation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), popularly known as FISME. FISME, the non-profit organisation will work with Google India to help SMBs get online through direct customer outreach and events.

So what are you waiting for, just log on to and create your website in 15 minutes.

November 1, 2011

Vote for your favorite Google Doodle

You have seen a number of doodles grace the Google India homepage, here’s your chance to choose the next one. Take your pick from each of the three grade categories for the third Doodle4Google competition, as they open for online public voting on After a panel of eminent judges from the art and media fraternity selected these 45 finalists, we leave it open for you to decide your favorite doodles. The experience this year has been phenomenal as we received over 1.5 lakh entries from across the country with over 350 schools participating in the competition.

Various artists and culture institutes which include- Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic, National Institute Of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Aakriti Art Gallery, Srusti Art Institute, Gayathri Art Galore, CANMAS (Contemporary And New Media Art School), Nasik's Kala Niketans-Chitrakala Mahavidyalya, Government Fine Art Institute – Indore, Sky Blue Institute Of Design, Bhavya Art & Craft College, Lalit Kalakshetra- helped in selecting the quarter finalists from which the JJ school of Arts, Mumbai helped in the final shortlisting which further went through the renowned panel of judges.

Nandita Das, Prasoon Joshi and Ganga Kadakia helped select the 45 finalists; Dennis Hwang (the original Google Doodler) and team who will be selecting the final winner whose doodle will go live on Google India’s Homepage on 14th November 2011.

Final winner for the Doodle4Google competition will be announced on 9th November 2011 in New Delhi and the winning doodle will go live on the Google India homepage to mark Children’s Day on 14th November.

Vote here:
Voting open only till 4th November 2011.