December 21, 2011

What were we watching this year? Let’s rewind 2011.

In India:
  • Bollywood ruled the charts with Shah Rukh Khan Don 2 Trailer being the most watched video
  • Jennifer Lopez - On The floor Ft Pitbull piped Salman Khan Dhinka Chika Song as the most watched music video of 2011
  • Kolaveri Di became the fastest rising music video of the year with over 25 million views within a month of its release

One hundred years into the future, when our great-grandkids look back to what was capturing the world’s imagination on YouTube in 2011, what will they make of us? Will they still be delighted by babbling babies? Will they still be “so excited” about the weekend? And will they be any closer to understanding the mystery of the space-traveling toaster pastry cat?

Check out for a timeline of this year's most popular videos and events and to see what the world watched in 2011.

Today, we rewind through the videos and channels that absorbed our collective global attention this year. To compile these lists, we looked at global view counts of popular videos uploaded throughout this year, and, in some instances, we aggregated views across multiple versions of the same video. 2011 was a year of amazing new channels and new stars being discovered, awesome creativity, and of course, Rebecca Black. It was also a year of powerful news stories playing out on YouTube, as people witnessed and documented uprisings and natural disasters, touching personal moments and moments of protest.

In total, there were more than 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) playbacks on YouTube this year (yep, count ‘em, 12 zeroes). That’s about 140 views for every person on the earth. More than twice as many stars as in the Milky Way.

In India, YouTube users couldn’t get enough of the stars on the big screen, as bollywood ruled the charts on YouTube in India for the year 2011. From movie trailers, popular movie songs to nursery rhymes India enjoyed them all on YouTube.

In India, the top 10 most-watched YouTube videos of 2011 were:

And the top 10 most watched music videos from major music labels were:

The most-watched YouTube videos of 2011 reflect the people, places and events that captured our attention and imagination throughout the year.

Globally, the most-watched YouTube community videos were:

And globally, the most-watched music videos on YouTube were:

In India, some highlights from other categories include:
  • Kolaveri Di became the fastest rising music video of the year in India, garnering over 25 million views within a month of its release on YouTube
  • Haal E Dil - from ‘shraddharockin’ - topped the most watched user generated video of the year
  • Teri Meri - "Bodyguard (2011) - was the most watched bollywood music video of the year
  • Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull - was the most watched international music video of the year
  • KBC: 2011- Episode 40 -20th Oct 2011 - Full Episode - was the most watched popular TV show - video of the year
So to all of you who picked up a guitar and sang a love song, held your camera phone high above a rioting crowd, danced along to Friday, or just forgot the webcam was on, thank you. You make YouTube what it is, and we can’t wait to hear your stories next year.

Posted by Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends Manager, recently watched “Miracle on 42nd Street.”

December 16, 2011

Bharat ki Khoj: Top Google Searches of 2011

Why is it that we Indians search the web? Whether it is to find a job, follow the world of politics, Bollywood or cricket, stock updates or to send flowers to a friend, listen to music or just to hang out .... we come to Google with something on our mind.

As the year comes to an end, we look back at the searches in 2011 to compose the year’s Zeitgeist—the spirit of the time. With Zeitgeist, we look at the most popular and the fastest rising terms—the terms with the highest growth in 2011—in many categories across India to give you a glimpse into the hottest trends and topics. From searching for information on local politics, the Lokpal Bill and Aadhar cards, to following news on the Japan earthquake and Osama Bin Laden’s death, people turned to Google to learn more about what was happening in India and around the world.

In 2011, Bharat started coming online. It has been a coming-of-age year for the Indian internet, with young Indians following anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and making him the fastest rising people query of 2011. IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) made a surprise appearance as one of the fastest rising searches, showing Indians’ interest in government jobs. Indian Railways continued to be a popular search term, with Indians getting online to book tickets and searching for train timings and other railway-related information.

On a lighter note, Poonam Pandey created a frenzy on the web with a promise she could not fulfill. Katrina Kaif continued her reign in Bollywood as the most searched celebrity in India for the fourth year in a row. 2011 also saw the Khans ruling the web with their movies Bodyguard and Ra One in the top two positions, while movies from contemporaries Aamir Khan (Delhi Belly) and Ajay Devgan (Singham) also made a mark in the top searched movies list.

In a country where cricket is a religion, it comes as no surprise to see the Indian net buzzing with excitement with the historic World Cup win, IPL and Sachin Tendulkar’s campaign for that elusive century of centuries.

While social networking sites featured on the ‘Top Searches’ list, we also saw a sudden spurt in the use of the free SMS website way2SMS, a new entry in this year’s list.

And my personal favorite is the only tech personality to make it to the top 10.. Steve Jobs, who was one of the pillars of computing and internet age and will be missed by India’s netizens.

Fastest rising searches Fastest rising people Top Searches

World Cup 2011
Anna Hazare
IPL 2011
Poonam Pandey

Anna Hazare
Poonam Pandey
Steve Jobs
Anushka Sharma
Salman Khan
Justin Bieber
Kajal Agarwal
Katrina Kaif
Vijay Mallya
Aishwarya Rai

Indian Railways

Top Searched People Top Searched Movies Top Searched events/news
Katrina Kaif
Anna Hazare
Salman Khan
Poonam Pandey
Justin Bieber
Aishwarya Rai
Sachin Tendulkar
Kareena Kapoor
Steve Jobs
Priyanka Chopra
Ra One
Harry Potter
Delhi Belly
Transformers 3
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
World Cup 2011
CBSE result 2011
Lokpal bill
Japan earthquake
Aadhar card
Osama Bin Laden

Beginning today, you can head over to our Year-End Google Zeitgeist website ( to see the top global searches of 2011, and additional top searches in more than forty countries.

We created these lists and graphs using a combination of several tools that give insight into global, regional, past and present search trends on an aggregated level. Google Insights for Search, a publicly available tool that displays relative search volume across geographies, time periods and queries, informed many lists and graphs found on this year's Year-End Zeitgeist page.

With billions of searches conducted globally on Google each year, there are a plethora of search trends based on location, season and vertical, and our Year-End Zeitgeist cannot possibly capture them all. If you want to come up with your own lists or graphs, we encourage you to play around with our public Google Insights for Search tool to generate your own "Zeitgeist" lists for 2011.

Thanks to everyone out there for searching on Google -- and here's to more searching in 2012!

December 15, 2011

Mapping made easier with the new Google Map Maker

[Cross-posted from The Google LatLong Blog]

With 2012 approaching, we're getting a head start on our New Year's resolution to shed some excess weight and improve our overall appearance. You may have seen our ongoing efforts to improve the look, feel, and user experience across many other Google products to date. And with Google Map Maker available in the United States, Canada, and more than 180 other regions, it's time for another makeover. Today, we’re revealing a new version of Google Map Maker to help users map the places they know best and make their hometowns sparkle on Google Maps.

With Map Maker, you can easily help ensure that the changing world around you is accurately reflected on the map. Add your favorite gift shop, the nearest tree farm, or even the golf course where you once got that hole in one. It’s also easier to mark the best route to Grandma’s house and draw better buildings with courtyards and crisper corners. The options are endless when it comes to mapping the places you know and love. Once approved, your contributions will appear on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for mobile for all the world to see.

You don’t have to be an expert to start using Google Map Maker. High school student and Eagle Scout Tommy Bruce is a mapping superstar who finds mapping fun, fulfilling, and a simple way to help those in his community have the best, most comprehensive information possible. He started by mapping bike trails in his hometown of Mooresville, North Carolina and is now on an exchange program in Puebla, Mexico, mapping unmarked rivers that run through town! After witnessing Tommy’s accomplishments firsthand at the U.S. Geo User Summit, even his mother Margaret began thinking of places that she’s eager to put on the map. Why not make your New Year’s resolution to improve the map for millions of people? Start here.

December 14, 2011

Giving back in 2011

Supporting great non-profit organisations doing work in India

As the holiday season approaches we thought it was a good moment to update you on
some grants we're making to support education, technology and the fight against modern
day slavery.
In India, eight of the selected grantee organisations will receive funding to aid them in the
valuable work they are doing across the country.

Fighting slavery and human trafficking

Modern day slavery is a multi-billion dollar industry that impacts the lives of around 27
million people. So we're funding a number of groups that are working to tackle the
problem. For instance, in India, International Justice Mission (IJM), along with The BBC
World Service Trust, Action Aid and Aide et Action, are forming a new coalition. These
organizations will work on the ground with governments to stop slave labor by identifying
the ring masters, documenting abuse, freeing individuals and providing them with therapy
as well as job training. Our support will also help expand the reach of tools like the
powerful Slavery Footprint calculator and Polaris Project’s National Trafficking Hotline.

STEM and girls’ education

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) open up great opportunities for young
people so we've decided to fund 16 great programs in this area. These include
Boston-based Citizen Schools and Generating Genius in the U.K, both of which work to
help to expand the horizons of underprivileged youngsters. In total, our grants will provide
enhanced STEM education for more than 3 million students.

In addition, we're supporting girls’ education in the developing world. By giving girls an
education, you not only improve her opportunities, but that of her whole family. The
African Leadership Academy provides merit scholarships to promising young women
across the continent, and the Afghan Institute of Learning offers literacy classes to
women and girls in rural Afghanistan. Groups like these will use our funds to educate
more than 10,000 girls in developing countries.

Empowerment through technology

We've all been wowed by the entrepreneurial spirit behind the 15 awards in this category,
all of whom are using the web and open source programming to connect communities and
improve access to information. Vittana, for instance, helps lenders offer loans to students
in the developing world who have have a 99 percent repayment rate--potentially doubling
or tripling a recipient's earning power. Code for America enables the web industry to share
its skills with the public sector by developing projects that improve transparency and
encourage civic engagement on a mass scale. And Switchboard is working with local
mobile providers to help African health care workers create networks and communicate
for free.

To learn more about these organizations and how you can get involved, visit our Google
Gives Back 2011 site and take a look at this video:

These grants, which total $40 million, are only part of our annual philanthropic efforts.
Over the course of the year, Google provided more than $115 million in funding to various
nonprofit organizations and academic institutions around the world; our in-kind support
(programs like Google Grants and Google Apps for Education that offer free products and
services to eligible organizations) came to more than $1 billion, and our annual
company-wide GoogleServe event and related programs enabled individual Googlers to
donate more than 40,000 hours of their own volunteer time.

As 2011 draws to a close, I’m inspired by this year’s grantees and look forward to seeing
their world-changing work in 2012.

December 12, 2011

Jagriti Yatra 2011 - Awakening the Entrepreneurial spirit

Yatra means “journey” in Sanskrit. It is a journey one takes to achieve a higher cause or spread a message. Jagriti Yatra is a journey of awakening, a journey where young entrepreneurs awaken to issues and challenges of Middle India (smaller cities and villages) and seek solutions to the same. Conducted by Jagriti Sewa Sansthan a non profit, Jagriti Yatra consists of 8,500 kilometer long annual train journey of 15 days traversing cities and villages across India. The Yatra starts in Mumbai on December 25th 2011 and ends on January 8th 2012. During the Yatra, selected young budding entrepreneurs from Middle India will get mentored and trained by role models who themselves have been successful entrepreneurs. At Google entrepreneurial behavior is highly desired and encouraged and has been the foundation of many products and successes. And Google is very happy to associate with this unique initiative.

India is going through an exciting phase and the enormous economic growth in the cities now needs to trickle down to the interiors of India. Jagriti’s mission of awakening the spirit of enterprise in India’s youth can go a long way in addressing Middle India’s challenges and problems. Jagriti’s focus on solving problems in the areas of Healthcare, Agro-bussiness, Water, Energy are very relevant and urgent.

Jagriti will use Google’s platforms like YouTube to bring the experience of the 15 day train journey, to millions of others by creating a dedicated channel On YouTube Jagriti Yatra will also use Google SMS Channel and Google+ to continuously disseminate information about the Yatra. Google will also extend its support by facilitating internet connectivity to the train through wi-fi.

We are excited to participate in an event that can have significant impact on the country for many years to come. Previous Yatras have led to the creation of 130 enterprises. We are eagerly waiting to see what exciting ideas and enterprises come out of this year’s Yatra. I hope you are as excited about the Yatra as we are. Please spread the message, share the link and add it to your status message. We are waiting to get on the train and experience the Yatra first hand.

For Yatra updates, including registration for the journey log on to

Virender Sehwag Live and Exclusive on Google+, Today @2:30PM

Virender Sehwag will be hanging out today 2.30 PM IST on Google+ to thank his fans for their overwhelming support and wishes on his glorious double century. Sehwag shared his double ton celebration and posted an exclusive video on his Google+ profile earlier.

Sehwag along with Dhoni, Gambhir and other top cricketers of India have found a whole new way to interact with their fans through Google+. In fact Dhoni shared his circle of cricketers making it easier for them to connect with all their favourite stars at one go! Go ahead and add that circle to yours and stay connected with the entire cricket team at one go!

Check out the posts between the cricket stars, candid conversations with their fans, and their plan before the big Australian Tour on the 26th of December. Fans can add all the top cricketers to their circles; Harbhajan, Ishant Sharma, Sreesanth, Murali Kartik, Amit Mishra, Manoj Tiwary, Umesh Yadav, Iqbal Abdullah, Sudeep Tyagi, Ashoke Dinda, Varun Aaron, Sarbjeet Ladda and RP Singh.

Don’t forget to add Sehwag to your circle and be ready for a face to face chat with Nawab of Najafgarh.

December 5, 2011

Google Internet Bus Enters West Bengal

While Kolkata has 30 lakh Internet users, the rest of West Bengal is predominantly offline. Out of all the Internet users across India more than 60% hail from non-metro cities and small towns.

After a very successful run in Bihar where close to 10 lakh people visited the Internet Bus, we are now entering the Bengali heartland. The bus will visit Kolkata, Durgapur, Asansol, Kharagpur, Uluberia, Chandannagar, Behrampore, Haldia, Bankura & Puruliya during its two month long stay in West Bengal.

The project has enjoyed success and interest among the people of 11 states, covering more than 2500 locations and touching the lives of more than 65,00,000 Indians across 130 towns. Surveys have indicated that more than 20,00,000 people have gone online for the first time after visiting the Google Internet Bus.

The bus will showcase informative content in English, Hindi and Bengali in addition to the basic familiarization on using services like search, email, social networking and online maps. The bus will also showcase how Internet services can be used on a mobile device. We will also continue to engage cyber café owners and school teachers with an aim to build local advocacy for this powerful medium.

Users across India can follow the bus through its journey, see pictures & videos,
and join online communities by simply visiting

December 2, 2011

Get more into what you love on YouTube with our new look

(Cross-posted from the YouTube Blog )

From your favorite sports highlights and dance competitions to make-up tutorials, science experiments and great movies, there’s a ton of great stuff on YouTube — over three billion views worth per day by last count. More and more, behind every great video is a great Channel, and with our announcement last month that more of them are coming to YouTube, we want to make it easier for you to find and keep tabs of what you want to watch.

So, today we're introducing a new homepage, Channel design and a fresh coat of digital paint. Here are three ways these updates will improve your life on YouTube:

1. A new homepage
The YouTube homepage is your gateway to a vast entertainment universe. To help you get more into YouTube, we’re making it easier to find and follow great Channels when you arrive. On the left side of the homepage you can create your own, personal, customizable YouTube Channel line-up. Sign-in, or create a YouTube account. Then you can browse recommended Channels; customize your homepage’s feed; even link your YouTube account to Google+ and Facebook to see what your friends are sharing. The new homepage feed we launched earlier this year is now front and center on the homepage. You can switch between feeds by clicking on different Channels on the left.

For step by step instructions on using the new YouTube homepage, you can go to our help center.

2. Simpler, customizable Channels
Given the homepage’s new focus on helping you find and organize your favorite Channels, we would be remiss if we didn’t update the look and feel of the Channels themselves. Today we're launching an improved Channel design focused on what matters most: helping users find great videos. As different uploaders have different goals, we've created new Channel templates to meet your needs whether you produce one video a week or have thousands of videos for a fan to browse. Some partners have even uploaded videos talking about the features, or giving tips on how they’re taking advantage of the new design. To learn how to opt-in to and test this new Channel design, check out our help center.

3. A new overall design
To bring the new homepage and Channels designs together we’ve also applied a fresh coat of digital paint across the whole site. In July, we unveiled an experimental design called Cosmic Panda. We’ve used your feedback to improve our overall design, and today, we’re presenting a cleaner and simpler YouTube, with a consistent gray background, bigger video thumbnails and a more streamlined watch page.

Ready to get started? Your new YouTube is already shipped and waiting for you at, and like every new toy, we included an instruction manual (and video) to help.

Our recent Channels expansion, our grants and educational programs, and this new design are all focused on helping you discover a broader range of entertainment on YouTube. We’re always innovating and testing new stuff out to make the experience the best it can be for you. We rely on your feedback to figure out when we've gotten it right and when it needs further tweaks. So let us know what you think.

The YouTube team